Python Language


Introduction to Python

2 Months

About Python Programming

Python is a general purpose, dynamic, high level and interpreted programming language. It supports Object Oriented programming approach to develop applications. It is simple and easy to learn and provides lots of high-level data structures.Python is easy to learn yet powerful and versatile scripting language which makes it attractive for Application Development.Python's syntax and dynamic typing with its interpreted nature, makes it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development.

Python is not intended to work on special area such as web programming. That is why it is known as multipurpose because it can be used with web, enterprise, 3D CAD etc.We don't need to use data types to declare variable because it is dynamically typed so we can write a=10 to assign an integer value in an integer variable.Python makes the development and debugging fast because there is no compilation step included in python development and edit-test-debug cycle is very fast.

Objectives of Python Language

Easy to Learn and Use

Expressive Language

Interpreted Language

Free and Open Source

Prerequisites to Join Python Course

Students having basic knowledge of computer and C language can easily learn C++ language without any specific eligibility

Complete knowledge of C language is extra advantage for student

Career Options

Python is known for its general purpose nature that makes it applicable in almost each domain of software development. Python as a whole can be used in any sphere of development.

Web Applications

Desktop GUI Applications

Software Development

Scientific and Numeric

Business Applications

Console Based Application

Audio or Video based Applications

Enterprise Applications

What you will Learn in Python Course in our Institute

An Introduction to Python
Python Basics
Variables and data types
Decision making & Loops
Modules and Packages
Exception Handling
Files and Directories
Classes Objects
Socket programming