Mysql Course


Introduction to Mysql

2 Months

About Mysql Database

SQL or Structured Query Language is a de-facto standard and a standard language for accessing today's most popular databases. In our institute our advanced SQL course will teach you and make you proficient in using SQL to access and manipulate data in various popular databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and other database systems being used in web development. Following are the few topics that we will cover in our course.

Eligibility to Join mySQL Course

Candidate must know basics of computer and internet only. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access or any other database would be an added advantage.

Career Options

SQL Expert,Database Administrator ,back end devloper

What you will Learn in MYSQL Course in our Institute

Introduction to SQL and its Installation
Fundamentals of SQL
How Relationships Work in SQL
Explaining SQL Strings
Numbers and SQL
Dates in SQL
Aggregates Functions
Exploring SQL Transactions
Studying Triggers in SQL
What are Subselects and Views in SQL
CRUD Application in SQL