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Introduction to Bootstrap

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About Bootstrap Master

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive and mobile friendly projects on the web. Bootstrap is a Twitter Inc. project free of cost available to create responsive or mobile friendly user interfaces of websites and mobile applications all over the world. Our Bootstrap course is a 1½ month training course covers all the nuts and bolts of Bootstrap to develop a 100% responsive UI. Particularly we focus on CSS, Components, JavaScript implementations, Less & SASS, and customization of Bootstrap in our course.

Eligibility Criteria to Join our Advanced Bootstrap Course

Candidate must have a sound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery to learn Bootstrap. Previous website designing experience is highly expected from the candidate to join our Bootstrap 4.x Course.

Career Options

Bootstrap Developer and Responsive Website Developer

What you will Learn in Bootstrap Course in our Institute

What You should Know before Learning Bootstrap?
Introduction to Bootstrap
Bootstrap Setup and Download
The Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap and CSS
Typography and Links
Understanding Grid System and break points in Bootstrap
Images and Videos
Helper Classes
Responsive Utilities
Using JavaScript Effects in Bootstrap
Knowing, Using, and Customizing Bootstrap API
Test and Project